18th of May 2021.

Our ‘Boundless’ journey takes us further to the ends of Morocco in search of up and coming creators in the region. This is the place where the famous Timitar festival is held, celebrating Amazigh culture and music from around the world, We are talking of course of the proudly Amazigh city of Agadir. Here, lives the amazing artist Houda Ezzaky, or as she is known on instagram, ‘Houda Artholic’. We were lucky enough to stumble on this brilliant work by chance, and boy are we happy we did.

Houda is a graphics student, about to graduate from her infographic studies, however as well as being a graphics designer, she creates these beautiful paintings. Known for her niqab and the urban backdrop of the Moroccan streets, these pieces of art with such contrasting elements, stop anyone scrolling past.

Houda tells us that she constantly pushes her creative talent by experimenting with different mediums and different languages, from painting on paper to painting walls or even shoes, she has proven that there are no bounds to her creativity. She is an advocate for being self taught and being committed to finding one’s unique creative style “My style is a mix of Moroccan culture, modern elements, sometimes a touch of old school, and calligraphy… i’m highly Inspired from the society and Moroccan culture…to be close to what people experience in their life…art is something that everyone can understand and enjoy”

Not only does she look to her culture for inspiration, but she finds architecture and futuristic space design fascinating. Luckily, the creative scene is changing in the Middle East and North Africa, people are becoming more open to their kids following creative career paths, however this is still a point of challenge for many artists. Houda included. “The biggest challenges are family, and friends, because in this society, if you’re not a doctor, or a lawyer, or an engineer, it’s like you’re wasting your time, and they see no future in art, little do they know, that art is the core of everything. It’s not only about drawing pieces and selling them cheap, there are other horizons for those who seek to reach the top”.

We loved Houda’s instagram page as soon as we found it, and were honoured to feature her as our one to watch this month. We love how she represents her art, making it about how her viewers and fans enjoy her creations, taking herself out of the frame with her niqab, while also keeping her faith in the picture. The potential she shines is inspiring. Houda looks to the future and tells us her biggest ambitions are to be a known worldwide designer. Her message for anyone aspiring to become an artist is ” Choose your destination and enjoy the journey, it isn’t all about money but it’s about how you enjoy life doing what you love.”


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‘Boundless’ is a regular editorial by Aywa Kidah, dedicated to raising the profile of creators from North Africa and the Middle East, with the aim of sharing with the world the boundless talent and stories to inspire. Let us know what you think to our ‘Boundless’ features here.

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