30th of June 2021.

For this next ‘Boundless’ feature, we are thrilled to be able to introduced to you a brilliant Egyptian contemporary visual artist, based in Cairo, Egypt. Nada Nada was born in the small port city of Damietta, which is a place named after the ancient Egyptian word “Damt” meaning ‘the ability’, and Nada Nada certainly has this in boat loads.

Damietta is where the salt water of the Mediterranean Sea and the fresh water of the Nile meet one place, giving the people and culture here a special sort of creative energy, often famous for interiors and furnishings design. Being based here, and away from the hustle and bustle of Cairo, Nada Nada feels that it has been the best place to give birth to her artistic journey.

Nada Nada fell in love with art since her childhood, even before joining The College of Applied Arts. “ I knew that I have to be an artist, every time I got an idea pop up and a flash in my mind … it drives me crazy until I put it on a paper or a canvas .. then I feel that short moment of passion, hyper pleasure, and ecstasy when the idea is incarnate, in front of me and the painting starts drives me on its own unknown ending journey.”

Nada Nada later specialized in painting and became a much loved independent artist, inspired by human internal conflict, deep thought and personal journeys, “I usually get inspired by the human .. the human being itself and what we go through in terms of conflicts, fears, contradictions and what is going on, in the subconscious … trying to use elements, shapes, relationships and the effect of colours to express my thoughts. Since the beginning of the pandemic, I fell for the self-portrait stage and I get deeply into it because the material of my own self is a malleable material for expressing many things, especially in my personal experience, and now I am trying to explore new stages.”

During this self-portrait phase, Nada Nada has often worried that people may find her work narcissistic, but in fact people do see the depth of her art. One has to face themselves in the mirror each day, and that includes wrestling with emotion and intra-personal struggles. Nada Nada’s work captured this form of self-torture perfectly, and in such a beautiful way.

When asked about the current art scene in Egypt, she was very quick to point out there are so many styles and evolutions happening because Egypt is a melting pot of creativity, giving hope to future generations. However more should be done to support artists, like her, who come from outside of Cairo. “I hope (the art scene) it’s more open for different styles .. more support for young artists specially outside the capital is needed.. Gallery owners, officials and art collectors should be more open and supportive of youths …my advice to young artist’s is to try a lot and work a lot … different styles, different materials .. stay patient .. refine your academic skills and then release them to the vastness of art”

Right now, Nada Nada’s latest work is being are shown in the summer collection at nun art gallery and online at Luxor art gallery. Looking forward, Nada Nada is working to launching some creative workshops which she is looking forward to.


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